Fixed due date on recurring invoice

Hey guys!
I’m using a local installation of invoice ninja 4 to send some recurring invoices, but today I noticed a bit strange behavior (at least for me).

I’m using the client’s salary plan (usually Net 7)

Each month the invoice is sent a day or two after the day of the previous month, for example:

  • In May the invoice was sent on the 7th;
  • In the month of June the invoice was sent on the 8th;
  • In July the invoice was sent on the 10th;

Would this be the expected behavior of the system?
If so, I know that in the configuration of the recurring invoice there is the option for payment on a fixed day, but I would like the invoice to be sent 7 days before the due date, is this possible?

My cron jobs are executed on 5am and 6am every day, with timezone America/Sao_paulo at server and at app.


It may help to run the crons later in the day.

Thanks for the feedback, what would be the internal workings of the routine, for me to calculate more or less the cron times?

I ask, because the server runs in America/Sao_Paulo (-3:00), and the app too, theoretically the timezone would not be a problem, what time do you recommend?

But a question, would it really be the case to run cron later?

What file could I look at to try to figure out what the reason for this behavior is?

You’re currently running the cron in the morning, I suggest running it at night.

The app may be failing to send in the morning thinking it’s too early so it’s waiting until the next day.

Thanks a lot!

This file it’s for v4 or v5?

I’ll try to find the logic and adapt my schedule too.

The file is for v4 version


In addition, version 4 has integration with a Brazilian payment service called PagSeguro, can you tell if this integration has already been implemented in version 5?

It’s not yet been implemented, we’re working through the v4 list in order of usage.

Undestood, I’ll check the files to identify some…

Thanks for your help :wink: