First-time clients not able to login to client portal

So every time I send a client their first invoice they are emailing back asking for the password to get in to see their invoice. I then have to go into their account on IN and enable “Password Protection” and then set a password. They then can get into the client portal to pay their bill. My question is even though I have “Password Protect Invoices” checked under “Client Portal” settings (Which says: “If enabled the contact will be able to set a password when viewing their first invoice”) which apparently doesnt work. To test this I set up a dummy account that was sent to my email, created an invoice and sent. When I clicked the link to pay my invoice it sends me to the client portal login page. So my question is how do I get the link to take my clients to a page to create a password first so i dont have to do this for them every time?


@david any thoughts?


Thanks for reporting this. In the next release, the client will be able to set the password on first view of the invoice. To ensure the client can set their own password, do not fill in a password value when creating the contact.

Ok great, thank you!