Filter tasks by project

Is there a way to filter the tasks by the exact project, or some way to view only the tasks for one project other than the search filter? I ask because the search filter is quite generous and always shows something not in the project I want and that gets confusing. Just want to go into a kanban for one project.

Ok, i think I figured it out.

  • Go to tasks
  • Change the view to List view (icon at top left of tasks screen)
  • Open the Preview Pane
  • In the task list, click on the name of a project
  • In the preview pane, click on the name of the project
  • Then change the view to kanban

Is there a quicker way?

You don’t need to change the list view. You can use the Kanban view, click “View” on task and then click the task project. Does that help?

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I see, yes that works, thank you!