Feature requests


After setting up my installation of Invoice Ninja on my server it feels like I’m missing some things.

  • log when a quote is viewed by a customer (at the moment this is only possible for invoices I think)

  • my company is Dutch but I want to be able to reach an international audience. Stripe can be used for this. The only thing is that when setting up Stripe for the Netherlands I see that I can only use Sofort. But I would really love an iDeal option. iDeal is Dutch only but is better than Sofort because Sofort does not have all of the Dutch banks.

  • because I have an international audience, I really need an invoice to be in atleaat English and in Dutch. The standard text may change depending on the language (I haven’t tested that yet), but the terms and conditions that can be on an invoice can only be in one language.

  • I see you can add multiple companies in one account. This is nice, because I have multiple services, now I can use the name of that service on the invoice. The only thing that I don’t like is that customers that are added into Invoice Ninja are only visible to the company they were added to. Can there be an option somewhere that allows customers to be visible/usable for every company. I would really like this feature because my customers can login on every service with the same universal account.

I hope that the above can be created. :slight_smile:

I hope that above is clear, I am no native English speaker.


My sincerely,

Nick van Kesteren

  • This already happens, make sure to test the link using incognito mode or in a different browser.

  • We support iDeal with Mollie.

  • You can set the language per client, you need to click ‘View as recipient’ to see the translated version.

  • Each company is completely separate, supporting user privileges between companies would be very complicated to implement.

Can we please query company logo and include within reports?

A useful feature would be to have an attachment upload capablility in the Vendor section. That would allow us to upload excel, or PDF based price lists to that Vendor’s profile. Most of the pricelists are small, 2-4mb.

Thanks for the feedback, feel free to create an issue on our GitHub repo


The ability to change the text of the service linked to a task.

For example if you add the name of a person who performed the task, or your own custom field into the task section. Then assign that to an invoice. Then when the invoice is generated, it ought to pull that custom field into the invoice and render the custom field instead of the “Service” since that is not a field that can be customized inside the Tasks section.

Thus it is a wasted area when it is rendered in the PDF under the service section. It is usually blank, or requires somebody to go and alter the service field for each task in the invoice. This is a problem when you just assign a group of tasks to an invoice and bill that it can mean doing a lot of work to update all the service descriptions. Alternatively, if you dont update this then the service column is usually blank. It is wasted space.

Thanks, that’s a good suggestion!

  1. It would be nice to be able to edit statements so that they look similar to the way that invoices look. At the moment the ability to edit statements is limited.

  2. It would also be good to automatically send statements to clients via email on a regular basis. IE monthly. Something along the lines of “send statements to all clients”.

It would be nice to have approval attachments for quotes. Sometimes clients will email through approvals, or submit a form with a purchase order. These should be attached to the quote, so that if there is a query, one can see what the client gave as substantiation for the quote. This is also a legal requirement since many clients will just say “I never ordered that”.

That means that as a supplier, one needs to have some sort of paper trail to show that the goods were ordered. An attachment for quotes would do the job. Not an attachment that goes to the client, but one that is privately viewed only.

A nice touch is for clients to be able to view delivery notes. In the absence of a separate area to upload these to, with separate permissions, I am attaching scanned delivery notes to the invoices as documents.

This “hack” allows one to provide that detail to clients. However it does not allow a company to delegate he scanning and uploading to another staff member. Instead, they need full rights to invoices. Which is not ideal.