[Feature request V5] Electronic Invoice for Italy (XML) / Fatturazione elettronica

Hello, as you probably know, for most of companies based in Italy there is the need to use Electorinc Invoincing.

An electronic invoice it’s just an XML file created by following certain rules and best practices explained by the government. Those rules are documented online on the official site.

To complete the Electronic Invoicing there might be an Exchange System that sends the invoice to the government database, validate it, and then to the recepient.

Here are some resources that might be usefull to understand better:

In short, the main important part is to have the ability to export the invoice generated by InvoiceNinja to an properly coded XML file.

Are you planning to add this feature in future?

An easy solution (without studying the guidelines) might be an editing tool (like the one for the invoice template) but for the invoice XML.

If am posting that request in the wrong place, please tell me.

Thank you.


We track feature request on GitHub, there may already be an issue which you can upvote otherwise feel free to create one.