Feature Request - time logging sign record hours by customer


quick question before I open a Feature Request on GitHub. If I see it correctly right now, it is not possible to record hours from the customer by signing in the customer portal or directly in the app on my mobile device. When I am on site with a customer, it would be cool if you could add this through the Task function. The time log would then like to attach as a PDF to the next invoice when I bill for it.


The mobile app supports creating tasks.

@hillel thanks for the quick reply.

I know the App supports creating a task, but I would like that my clients sing the hours i worked on the job when im on site with him. This should ensure if the customer dispute an invoice if it is overcharged or refuse to pay I habe something at hand.

Thanks, understood. For that you’ll need to create an issue on GitHub.

Link to the GitHub Issue: