[Feature request] Send link upon payment


As a freelance designer, it is normal to withhold the final files until after the client has made full payment. Is it possible to automatically/dynamically include a custom message in the client’s (final/no outstanding) payment email?

I am thinking perhaps an extra field alongside the notes section on the invoice creation page. The content of this field will be included in the client’s last payment email as instructions on what to do next. At the moment I upload their files to Drive and have to email them the link separately after they make payment. It would be great to be able to just include the link right in their payment email. It will also be a great convenience for the client for having instant access after they complete full payment.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Have you tried updating the payment email here:


Hi Hilel,

Thanks for the response. :slight_smile: Yes, I am aware of the Payment Email Template. However, what I meant was a custom field that will be different for every invoice.

Scenario: A client makes full payment, receives an email payment with the link for their project files. Another different client upon full payment will receive the same payment email template but with a different link related to their project. Hope that makes sense.

Each client/invoice will potentially have different instructions. Some will just be a download link, others may be perhaps, a login information. This is why I suggest an extra custom field which variable can than be inserted into the Payment Email template. Or do we have this feature already?

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

PS: Using self-hosted version.

For addition, it will only be displayed for full payments. Partial payments will not include the custom notes.

We support using custom client fields in the payment email.

We don’t support using a different email template for partial vs full payments.

Here are the variables available from my end:


Perhaps I’m missing some? Also, where do I input the content for this custom client field?

Have you defined any custom client fields on /settings/invoice_settings

No, since the description says “Add a field when creating a client/invoice and display the label and value on the PDF.” I assume this will add a field to the PDF and not the email?

You can remove it from the PDF on /settings/invoice_design#invoice_fields and add it to the email using the variable.

We’ll look into clarifying the help text.

Thanks, Hilel. I’ll look into it. :slight_smile:

Riding on this thread since it is the same concern. Is it possible to display it on the invoice page? I think a very good example is the white label invoice for InvoiceNinja where it shows the license/activation code on the invoice itself only upon payment. I imagine we could insert a download link in its place.

I tried inserting a custom invoice field, then adding it to the payment email. However a concern is a partial payment as andisaleh mentioned, and if I need to add some text like the following, it wouldn’t make sense for the clients without a COD payment term or the need for a download link. I think they will see the text with a blank after if there is nothing filled in.

If you have files available for download, they can be found here:

(I would paste a file transfer link in the custom field)

To solve the blank problem you could include the “If you have…” text in the custom value