Feature Request - Leads Kanban

Hi there.

First of all, thank you. Nothing comes close from a billing perceptive.

I’m currently migrating out of Odoo to Invoice Ninja Self Hosted (white label) + Wave.

The only feature I’m missing is lead tracking.

I don’t need anything fancy, the Kanban view of tasks is exactly what I need, a quick representation of potential work with space for a few notes, but obviously if I use tasks, then my ACTUAL tasks will get messed up.

Is there any way for a bounty or a modest fee or for widespread use, you (or anyone else) would consider creating a second Kanban, and a link in the navigation to solve this issue for me?

Whilst not perfect, you could create a seperate company import your clients and then run your tasks as Leads, that will separate the functionality.

Thanks David.
I appreciate the suggestion - it still requires moving back and forth, and its a bit of a hack (not sure how the ocd would handle it lol).

To be honest, it doesn’t need to even have clients, just a quick jot of notes that can be linked to a client later.
While I have php experience this looks like a whole different beast looking at the code, and I’m hoping some sort of white knight that can whip it up in a few hours can jump to my rescue!

Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

You can add a new client (e.g. My Leads) then add a project for this client called Leads.

Now add your leads as tasks linked to this new client and project, then filter by project Leads on the kanban or view the Kanban from the clients tasks list.

Still not perfect, but you have the option of filtering, or view the tasks from the client to have all leads in one place. You can also link the task to another client at any point also.

Using the above option, you could also add a filter with php so the leads don’t show on the regular Kanban and only show on the clients kanban.