Feature Request - Item Groups - show/hide itemized list

The cabinetry Market is very competitive and lots of customers will take your hard worked quote and go to another place where they will offer a better price just because they didn’t have to go onsite to take measurements and they dont have to create a design. (without the itemized list they cant beat the price because they cant compare apples to apples)

Therefore there is a need to have secrecy when creating a quote (not show Individual items on the quote and just show a general price.

Thus being said, in order to prevent Price stealing and make it harder for competitors to steal your work there is a need to be able to make a quote and Group individual items to a Single Item and price.

Currently I make a quote add all the items on the quote to get a final price say $1000 is the total, then I have to create a new Quote and make 1 item called Kitchen Cabinets and put the $1000 on that single item this is to hide all the individual items to prevent customers to go shopping with your item list.

Having a Feature that allows me to create a Group of items when generating a quote but have the customer facing quote only show the Group Item name instead of the breakdown of individual items is very useful. (having a toggle switch to show Group items to client would be ideal also for those who would like the customer to see the individual items.)

This also allows me to create groups of items like
Kitchen Group total: $1500
|----------item 1 $1250
|----------item 2 $1250
Master Bath Group total: $800
|-------item 1 $400
|-------item 2 $400
Guest Bath Group total $400
|-------- Item1 $200
|--------Item 2 $200
Master Bed Closet Group $1700
|-------item 1 $1500
|-------Item 2 $500

etc etc.

toggle switch to hide itemized and only show group total to customer:
Quote to client:

Kitchen Group total: $1500
Master Bath Group total: $800
Guest Bath Group Total $400
Master Bed Closet Group $1700

This is Something that Will make this invoicing software the best as no other software offer this (i have been looking).


Feel free to create an issue here to request the feature:

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