Feature request: Differentiation between 'gross' and 'net' in payments page

Invoice Ninja’s payments overview offers a good summary of information on the payment gateway’s side - transaction ID, credit card type, etc. It could make at least one of my excel files redundant (and save me a lot of work) if it had two separate “amount” columns: one for the amount the client paid (the existing one), the other for the amount disbursed.

I realize that the exchange of information with the gateway probably doesn’t include the latter at all, but it would be a nice addition to let us add the gateway’s commissions manually and have Invoice Ninja automatically subtract it to show the disbursed amount.

By ‘amount disbursed’ do you mean the gateway fee?

We currently support charging clients for the gateway fees, we’re considering adding an option to automatically create an expense for the fee amount.

disbursed means that if the client paid 100, but my gateway takes 3% + 30 cent, I will get 96.70.

Not sure what “charging clients for the gateway fees” means…?

On /settings/online_payments there’s an option to automatically add the 3% + .30 to the invoice when your client pays.

Got it. Well, i don’t want to add that to the invoice, but I would be happy to have this breakdown in the payments page. It will allow me to do all my credit card accounting with Invoice Ninja.

If we supported automatically creating an expense you’d be able to use the profit and loss report to run the calculations.