Feature Request - dark/light mode (Sytem)


Is there a possibility to add system default color mode?
Like if i have my system dark mode the website will also uses dark mode, and if it is light mode than it will use light mode?

If that is not possible, is it possible to move the config somewhere else?
Like ass last option in the menu fixed to bottom to quickly change theme?



Thanks for the feedback, this change is being tracked here:

Hi @hillel

I think that is a other problem.
What i mean is following.


It is on same PC, Same Browser.
Only want to switch quickly between light and dark.
Best way is System, so if system has dark theme than change to dark, if system is changed to light theme change browser to light.

I switch between ligth and dark system theme based on day / time and workplace.
Now i need to manually change Invoicing theme deep in the settings where it could be automatic.

If it is the same problem as Github, than i don’t see the comparison between the two.


Thanks, understood. Feel free to create a new issue to track the feature.