Feature Request: Custom File Name for "Download PDF"

I would like to give a custom name to the file name prefix of the PDF file. For example a quote currently provides the default file name of “Quote-Q0xx.pdf” with xx being the quote number. I would prefer something like “companynameQuote-Q0xx” or something to that effect. Is this currently possible or can it be included in a future update?

Thank You.

This isn’t currently supported, we’ll keep it in mind for the future.

I understand thank you. Any chance I could edit some files and get the same result right now till it’s eventually (possibly) supported?

Thanks a ton as always.

Are you downloading the PDF in the admin section or the client portal?

Client Portal. It’s only to make the files saved for the clients easy to identify without them typing in a custom filename for the PDF.


Here’s where the file name is defined:


You rock! Thank you.

For anyone else interested in this. I edited line 252 on the above referenced file “view.blade.php”

doc.save(‘custom’ + fileName + ‘-’ + invoice.invoice_number + ‘.pdf’);

The ‘custom’ entry needs to be changed to whatever you want like your company name. note the ‘’ needs to remain around the custom word. This will change the default save file pdf name to your custom one but only from within the client portal not from admin side (which is exactly what I wanted)…

Of critical importance is that this will not move over after an update. You will need to manually edit this file after each update (till this feature request is implemented of course). I keep a cheat sheet for InvoiceNinja updates that I put all these little changes into to, I don’t have a lot of customizations but without that update “cheat sheet” I wouldn’t remember this.

Good luck all and thanks again Hillel for your awesome work!!