Feature request: Convert approved quote to Recurring invoice

Right now there is no way to convert an approved quote or an invoice to be a recurring invoice. I think there should be a way to do this from the web GUI. Currently, I convert my approved quote to an invoice. Then go into the database and update the recurring field for the invoice to a 1.

You can clone it and then enable recurring.

Thank you for your reply. I figure this is more likely I don’t understand the correct process to take an approved quote and change it to a recurring invoice. Is the correct method to take the approved quote and “clone” it to an invoice instead of converting it to an invoice? I don’t understand the difference between the two methods. Also, what does it means to take an invoice and “clone” it to an invoice?


I see now how to do it. Instead of converting an approved quote to an invoice, clone instead. Then in the form, there will be a button to change it to a recurring invoice.


That is correct, happy to help!