Failed email notification

We receive notification when an email sent. Is there a way to receive notification when email is not sent due to failure?

Also, is there a way to have the same log output between react and flutter?


Feel free to create an issue on GitHub for notifications for failed emails: Issues · invoiceninja/invoiceninja · GitHub

If you click the row in the Flutter app do you see the error details?

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Lol, I thought it’s an option I can’t find for failed email notification. I’ll get to github.

The white bar under - this is all I get. No text in there, I thought maybe it’s whit on white…

Thanks, I’ll look into it.

Note: for failed emails I don’t think it should be an option, I think the app should always notify if it fails to send.

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It doesn’t, unless I’m missing something. I only find out about this when I tell the client that I sent them the invoice a week ago, and they say they didn’t get anything…

Sometimes, like today, I send out a bunch and then check logs just in case.

Maybe there is no need for github issue if there is an expected behavior for failed email?

The issue is needed for the change to be tracked.

I was referring to this note, was this just an opinion, or do you know of a coded behavior for the failed email that would result in alert issued to user?

It’s just my opinion

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A way to have notification for failed email is to setup a script that is triggered by a cron job every x minutes to check the table that stores the logs and if row contains the email send failure then trigger SMS or email or what ever notification you want, that way you’re notified. If you want my assistance to create it on your server you can message me.

How would this script work with docker?

it doesn’t matter where/how its hosted as long as you have access to db. user would be created on db and the host server can have the cron running. script would login as that db user and run the necessary queries to check. even if you are using docker it can be configured to connect to the db.

Have you had a chance?

I have lot’s of failed emails and no easy way to troubleshoot.

I don’t get these notifications but just had our first live invoice email fail (gmail ehlo issue) and I was thinking it would be really great if the invoice status could revert back to DRAFT or some other status other than SENT so when looking at invoices you can quickly tell if you need to try emailing again.

@sdggq I’ve checked in a fix for this, it will be included with the next release.

@TekWarren feel free to create an issue on GitHub if you’d like to see a change implemented.


join me here - Failed email alert, try again attempts · Issue #9140 · invoiceninja/invoiceninja · GitHub

Something isn’t right - Documents marked "Sent" even when email failed to be dispatched by Invoice Ninja. · invoiceninja/invoiceninja · Discussion #9314 · GitHub

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Still no notification about failed emails… Dashboard logs don’t include any email notifications at all…

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Struggling with being able to sort failed emails here also. Really wish there was more automation around failed emails. I also had to submit a feature request to include more detail in the system logs (no time stamps or correlation to WHAT email job failed) as it becomes difficult to even troubleshoot which emails failed.