Exporting data - structure changed? No info about currency inside csv?

I export our data to airtable every couple months but the CSV structure changed.
No info about currency inside csv?
Did you change the structure of Invoice items or I can switch it somehow?

5months ago:

Amount,Balance,Client,"Client Number","Client ID Number","Custom Surcharge 1","Custom Surcharge 2","Custom Surcharge 3","Custom Surcharge 4","Custom Value","Custom Value","Custom Value 3","Custom Value 4",Date,Discount,"Due Date","Exchange Rate",Footer,Number,"Paid to Date",Partial/Deposit,"Partial Due Date","PO Number","Private Notes","Public Notes",Status,"Tax Name 1","Tax Name 2","Tax Name 3","Tax Rate 1","Tax Rate 2","Tax Rate 3",Terms,"Total Taxes",Currency,Quantity,"Unit Cost",Product,Cost,Notes,"Is Amount Discount","Line Total","Gross line total","Custom Invoice 1","Custom Invoice 2","Custom Invoice 3","Custom Invoice 4"


"Client Name","Invoice Invoice Number","Invoice Amount","Invoice Balance","Invoice Paid to Date","Invoice PO Number","Invoice Date","Invoice Due Date","Invoice Terms","Invoice Footer","Invoice Status","Invoice Public Notes","Invoice Private Notes","Invoice Uses Inclusive Taxes","Item Is Amount Discount","Item Discount","Invoice Partial/Deposit","Invoice Partial Due Date","Invoice Custom Surcharge 1","Invoice Custom Surcharge 2","Invoice Custom Surcharge 3","Invoice Custom Surcharge 4","Invoice Exchange Rate","Item Tax Amount","Invoice Assigned User","Invoice User","Item Custom Value 1","Item Custom Value 2","Item Custom Value 3","Item Custom Value 4","Item Tax Name 1","Item Tax Name 2","Item Tax Name 3","Item Tax Rate 1","Item Tax Rate 2","Item Tax Rate 3","Invoice Recurring Invoice","Invoice Auto Bill","Item Quantity","Item Cost","Item Product","Item Notes","Item Type","Item Tax Category","Item Line Total","Item Gross line total"


@david do you have any suggestions?


We have unified the export interface, if you are using the React application, from with the Report screen you can add the exact columns you wish to your reports, including the client.currency_id

If you are exporting over the API, you can also send the exact list of columns you want returned. If you need a sample API request, let me know.

Ohhh, I see. I was using export option inside settings. But using reports is a great option, thank you!