Exporting all invoices

To meet the legal bookkeeping requirements, I am trying to download all invoices from 2017. So I went to Reports, Type: Invoice, Date Range: Jan 1 - Dec 31 2017, clicked on Run and got all the invoices, then I chose “Zip documents”, but when I click on Export I keep getting an empty Zip file. What am I doing wrong?

The ‘zip documents’ option downloads the documents as a zip.

This pull request adds support for downloading the invoices.


I’m not self-hosting, just using your website. So what should I do with this?

In that case this won’t help…

Okay, so how can I create a local backup for all invoices? It’s a legal requirement.

You can bulk download the PDFs on /invoices

Can I use the filter field on /invoices to filter by date? (e.g. all the invoices from a particular year)

Sorry, no