Export settings only

I just made a second company under my pro account.

I was wondering how one can export the settings only of the first company and import that in the second company.

That way I can setup the second company faster by modifying the settings.

Currently it seems like one can export all data of the first company. So on import the second company also gets all the clients and invoices. But I’m looking for a way to export the ‘basic and advanced settings’ only.

You can transfer your settings using the JSON export/import.

Ah, wonderfull.

I was looking for the same thing, I tried to export from here:

And to be sure the all the settings was inside I searched the JSON file for my custom email settings which use “smtp.gmail.com” and the search return nothing, so exporting the data from there don’t seem to save the whole settings.

How I can save the whole settings it would be really useful since I’m experimenting with Invoice Ninja so I can revert quickly to the settings that I know that are working fine if I mess to much ??? ?

Regards !

If you’re just testing for now, nothing says certainty like running a VM and taking a snapshot before you make a bunch of changes.

A single core with 1gb of RAM and a few gigs for storage is PLENTY for Debian/Ubuntu, Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Invoice Ninja.

You can save the system settings by making backup of the .env file.