Export JSON from Hosted Free version to Self-Hosted

I am trying to move from the free hosted version to a self-hosted Version : 5.2.15-C56 (running on PHP v7.4.20) using the JSON option.
I save the export file as .json (which is what it defaults to) but when I try to import into my self-hosting version, I get the following Error

422: The given data was invalid.
• The files must be a file of type: zip.

Any clues, please?


If you’re using the hosted version then you’re most likely on v4. You can migrate to v5 on Settings > Account Management and then create a v5 JSON export.

Thanks, @hillel
So it has migrated my 2 companies from v4 app.invoiceninja.com to v5 invoicing.co
How long should the export take (company #1 10 clients & around 120 invoices / company #2 2 clients & 2 invoices)? I’ve tried invoicing.co>Settings>Import|Export>Export a couple of times. I get the message about “Once the file is ready, you’ll receive an email with a download link” but nothing received after 30-40 mins for either company?

Is the company activated, it needs to be active for emails to be sent.

Yes, @hillel both companies are active
I’ve just logged in again to invoicing.co and refreshed as indicated to install a new version.
I then tried the 2 exports again but still nothing received.

@david do you have any thoughts?