Export Json // email never received with the link

I would like to export all (clients + invoices+ product) to a fresh install

When I try to export, I have this message

once the file is ready you’ll receive an email with a link to download

I never receive anything

Is it possible to download my database and only keep (clients , products,invoice) and import to a new installation ?


Are emails enabled in the app?

If you’re transferring data from one selfhost install to another we recommend using mysqldump.

Yes i have all settings for email smtp but i don’t know how to check if email is enable ?

You can try emailing a test invoice, there’s more info here:

No email doesn’t work i can’t send anything from gmail or even a domaine email adresse

if you inspect public/storage/backups you’ll find the file there.

hidden for privacy reasons

It’s a huge file

It look slike it is only 1mb?

What should I check in this file?

Hi @jonathandefrance

With this file you can import this into a new installation. It isn’t possible to selective import only some parts of the data, it is only designed as a backup in case you need to restore everything.

The other option, is to export all Clients / Products / Invoices and then import those using the csv import/export function .

can i import from settings this file ?

Hello, I imported the zip file in a new installation, the file was well taken into account in the new installation, but I still can’t see the pdf files correctly

public/storage/backups in