Export csv invoices WITH email


I am having a few clients which have not paid their invoice.

I would like to export the business name + address + email + invoice number to .csv so I can email them about this…

But every export option is different. So for example: invoices export do not show the email. If I export clients, it doesn’t show the invoice numbers. I really tried everything

Isn’t it just possible to export it a bit easier?

That would also be good for lets say debt collection services etc (if the invoice remains unpaid after calls/emails).

Thank you


If you export using the reports you can determine which columns are included.


Thank you for your reply.

When I export ‘invoices’ I get a file called invoices.csv

That does not include the email address

When I export invoice items I get a file called invoice_items.csv

That does not include the email address

When I export clients I get a file called clients.csv

That DOES include the email address, but does not include data about if they have paid their invoice / their invoice number etc. It only gives data about their customer card (business name, address and so on)

So my question is: which one do I have to pick if I want to export business name / email address (at least) + invoices + paid/not paid? (for purposes as mentioned in my first message)

Or do I have to manually search for every email address of each customer when I export invoices.csv? Because that is NOT included when I export it.

Thank you in advance.

Have you tried using the export option in the reports?

In v4 for example: when you go to Settings > Import/Export > Export > ‘selected’ and you then choose for ‘invoices’ you get the following data:

Client Email Invoice Number Amount Paid PO Number Status Invoice Date Due Date Discount Partial/Deposit Partial Due Date Public Notes Private Notes Item Product Item Notes Item Cost Item Quantity

But, when you do the same in v5, you get this data:

Summa Balans Kund Anpassad tilläggsavgift 1 Anpassad tilläggsavgift 2 Anpassad tilläggsavgift 3 Anpassad tilläggsavgift 4 Anpassat värde Anpassat värde Anpassat värde 3 Anpassat värde 4 Datum Rabatt Sista betalningsdatum Växlingskurs Sidfot Nummer Betalt hittills delinsättning Delvis förfallen Referensnummer Privata anteckningar Publika noteringar Status Skattnamn 1 Skattnamn 2 Skattnamn 3 Skattesats 1 Skattesats 2 Skattesats 3 Villkor Totalt antal skatter Valuta

So no email in that case!

I hope you understand what I mean…


Yes. I have used so far

  • clients
  • invoices
  • invoices items

In the app are you exporting from Settings > Import/Export or from Reports?


I am going to settings > import/export > export > export format csv / export type [various tried]

So not from reports.

My suggestion was to try the reports, you can configure which columns are included so it’s much more flexible.

Ok, thank you! That works :slight_smile: