Expenses, taxes and the exported report

When it run a report to export my expenses, it lumps all the taxes together! This doesn’t help since we in Canada we have GST and PST, I need to see the seperated! Plus I have many USD expenses. I enter them in USD, and click the “conversion” button at the bottom and enter the rate for that day. But this also doesn’t show up in the report, so what’s the point?

Can you send a screenshot of the report to contact@invoiceninja.com, the tax totals should be listed separately.

The app supports converting expenses so they can be invoiced in the client’s currency. I agree it would be useful to show in the reports, we’ll keep it in mind for the future.

Thanks, I just did.

Hello, I understand the current limitation of InvoiceNinja being an invoicing software and not accounting (for now). And I also upvoted some feature requests on Github.

So my question, and it could probably help other users searching this forum, @technicasystems what is your current workflow to get around those limitations and get the amount of taxes you need send the government for GST, PST from what you deduct from expenses? I’m in Canada as well.

Thank you