Expenses question

This is the first time using Invoice Ninja - and have no experience.

I’ve got to grips with the invoicing record side of things. Now I’m going onto outgoings like fuel, postage costs, material cost etc.

The thing I don’t understand is expenses and recuring expenses firstly.

Also, I want to be able to show a invoice form the items I have purchased - is there a way of uploading the copy of the invoice with the structure?

This is with a view of supplying my accountant with digital records in some form.


Can you please be more specific, what can I explain about expense?

The enterprise plan supports attaching documents to invoices or expenses.

OK, I was hoping to be able to attach documents on this version. would I be able to do that on hosted version?

The feature is supported on the hosted version but it requires the enterprise plan.

My apologies Hillel,

my question was incorrect, I meant is it available in the self hosted version?

Yes, all features are included in the selfhost version

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