Expense ID

So I brought this up before but I don’t think I was ever clear with the reason behind it. In invoices, you click on the invoice number to take you to the invoice. In expenses, you have to click on the date to take you to the expense?? But why the date? If I click on the vendor, it takes me to the vendor where I can update the vendor. Why would I think to click on Vendor? This is why: Vendor is the first column in expenses. In invoices, invoice ID is the first column. So it only makes sense to click on Vendor to edit the invoice right?

It is not consistent between expenses and invoices specifically. In invoices, I can’t click on the date. Does anyone else feel like this is confusing? I asked for an Expense ID a long time ago to alleviate the confusion of navigation, but I don’t think I was ever clear of why I wanted an ID. Does it cause confusion in other ways I may not understand to have an ID? I would think it would be easy to tell a co-worker “lookup expense 199” and they could pull it up quickly like they do for invoices.

Just my 2 cents, does anyone else have a similar experience or a different workflow?

Thanks for the feedback! I’m all about consistency but I’m reluctant to add a ‘number’ field to expenses and tasks.

All records in the app have a unique id which can be seen in the url, ie /expenses/1/edit. One solution may be to add this as the first column in the datatable as ‘0001’.

I was thinking the unique ID makes the most sense. There’s not really a point to have a custom expense ID. I guess someone will have a reason down the road to have one.

Another part of it too might be that there are so many clickable links on an expenses tab. I can edit client, vendor, expense, category. I’d say i’m relatively intelligent, but I just never think clicking on the date makes sense unless I want to edit the date. lol.

Anyhow, either the unique ID would make sense or the first column has the ever-so-basic idea of just a single column with a button/ icon to edit the expense for the fast navigation and consistency aspect.

Admittedly though, I just realized the credits page and payments page do the same thing so I guess there’s consistency. Maybe the invoices page should have the date column lit up to edit the invoice too. I just don’t think to click on the date to edit something unless it’s the date I want to modify. (I know there’s the select button> edit XXX path, but i’m the 1-click lazy human you come to expect out of a millennial. Ha)