Existing invoice number

I have a pro account, made some invoices, and then I made some test invoices.
I deleted the test invoices but now I cannot use the invoice numbers anymore.

How can I solve this?

If you want to start from scratch you can cancel your account and then sign up again and we’ll make your new account pro.

Otherwise you can restored the deleted invoices, change the invoice numbers and then delete them to make the numbers accessible. We have database checks to ensure two invoices don’t share the same number.


Delete a invoice is not working. There is allways the option to recover. Maybe it´s good to change the invoice customer. But for that i see no option.

We don’t currently support fully deleting an invoice, this is to ensure referential integrity.

It’s possible we’ll support it in the future for invoices which have never been sent and don’t have any payments made against them.

But can you tell me how I can change the customer

You’d need to clone then delete the invoice to set a new customer.

possible to recover invoice number for other invoice to differend customer

You would need to restore the old invoice (if it’s deleted) change the invoice number to something else to make the number available.