Exclusive tax regardless of the settings

Hi, using the app version and today I tried the web version and the tax settings are wrongly calculated. It always calculates the exclusive tax setting regardless if I set it on inclusive. Later it showed the wrong calculation on my app version too. I needed to delete the invoice and re write it in the app version. Please check I lost precious time to figure it out…Thanks, regards.


Are the taxes calculated incorrectly in the app, on the invoice PDF or both?

both, I saw on pdf too, I didn’t print it out

the app is not updated yet to the web version and works as it should. The web version is wrong

This is the wrong calculation…

Is the inclusive taxes option enabled on the settings tab?

yes it is enabled in the settings

To be clear, I’m asking you to check on the settings tab on the edit invoice page. The tax settings only applies to new invoices.

Ok never mind I can only reproduce it on the same invoice, I never changed the settings for different taxes and now it is working as should. You see clearly on the print screen the inclusive taxes enabled and it added the tax on top which is wrong. Thanks, regards