Error with Stripe Connect for SOFORT: "No such customer"

I upgraded to v5. I connected Stripe Connect, which in v4 was set up for SOFORT and Credit Card. I and most of my clients are based in Germany, which is compatible with SOFORT.

In v5, the credit card payments work perfectly, but when I attempt to pay with SOFORT (which is activated in the Gateway Settings), I get this:

Can anyone shed some light on why this is happening?


Thanks for reporting this!

@david @ben any thoughts?

Have you ever connected Stripe Connect to another service? If Stripe connect is still connected to another service then when you link Invoice Ninja up, instead of connecting to your existing account, Stripe will create a new account for you, this may explain the issue.

If you log into Stripe, check whether an additional account has been created, you’ll most likely see your recent credit card payments but no customers.

I have the exact same issue. Its only with SEPA, Sofort and Überweisung. Credit card works fine. Stripe is not connected to another service.

Sorry for the delay in response. No, I only have one account connected to Ninja, that’s it. I was also able to import my customers into v5 when I migrated.

We are getting warmer, though. Invoice Ninja only had a record of 10 customers from Stripe and 14 from Invoice Ninja in the gateway configuration. There should be 580. I can see these customers (some are listed as “guests”) in my one Stripe account, and I only have one. The latest payments are all listed there.

Helpful background information: when I initially migrated and imported my Stripe clients, all 500-600 odd were imported successfully. I then did a forced migration to overwrite the account a few days later when troubleshooting, which was successful. I configured the gateway for a second time and pressed import clients again, but now that I think about it, I never got confirmation that they had imported successfully. Now, when I click on “Import clients”, it tells me that it has started importing clients, but hours later I still only see 10 Stripe clients and 14 Ninja clients. Hope this helps.


From the error it appears that Invoice Ninja has the customer reference ie (cus_xxxxx) however when it sends this to Stripe, Stripe is saying that it cannot find that customer. So i think the issue still the gateway configuration.

I would suggest updating your sttripe keys again in the Online Payments configuration in Invoice Ninja and re-attempt a payment.

Thank you David. I have now done this - copied the Webhook showing in Ninja and pasting it again in Stripe directly and updating it there. I also checked the account ID listed in Invoice Ninja - it’s the same and only account I have in Stripe. I then reattempted two payments using the same customer with the same customer ID - one by credit card and one via Sofort. Credit card worked perfectly but SOFORT did not. Google and Apple pay also did not work, though they used to in v4. Same error message.
SOFORT was activated in both Stripe and Ninja.

Hope this helps.

Is it permissible to bump this thread again? Not yet solved.

@david do you have any more suggestions?


Sorry for the delay, if you are using send us an email so that i can work on this directly with you.