Error Visual on invoice

Bug targets customer billings.
Hello, since the upgrade after the v1.3.16 version from Cloudron we have this that appears if we go to a higher version.


This is a known issue currently, to work around this in your .env file


and then run /update?secret=secret from your browser to refresh the cache.


Thanks issue is now fixed :smiley:

I’m not following the fix. How exactly do I run “/update?secret=secret” and where do I put “PDF_GENERATOR=hosted_ninja” in the .env file?


There should already be a line which says PDF_GENERATOR=snappdf

you’ll want to swap snappdf with hosted_ninja

to refresh the cache, you’ll want to enter into your browser

After this the pdfs should start generating again.

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Hi @david any news on a fix if we want to use snappdf?

And could you give more info about using hosted_ninja in terms of security and privacy?


The work around to continue using snappdf is to download and install chrome headless

After this, you’ll need to update a .env variable


This will make Snappdf use headless chrome (instead of chromium bundled with snap)

In regards to hosted_ninja, these are our servers which run snappdf, we have open sourced the code we use for the server here:

We don’t store anything on our side at all, we simply convert whatever URL is provided to us into a PDF

		$snappdf = new \Beganovich\Snappdf\Snappdf();

		$pdf = $snappdf

    	return Response::make(base64_encode($pdf), 200, [
		    'Content-Type' => 'application/pdf',
		    'Content-Disposition' => 'inline; filename="ninja.pdf"'

Thanks @david, works like a charm. And thank you also for your transparency regarding hosted-pdf :slight_smile: Keep up the good work!

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