Error sending email

Not sending emails getting the message below.

From the app, as soon as we try to go to the pdf view we get this message

The remote computer refused the network connection.

When logging in online we are getting the following error on the same action

XMLHttpRequest error.


I’m not able to reproduce the error. Have you tried both the desktop and mobile apps? It may be helpful to test using the mobile data on your phone to check if it’s a network issue.

I tried all 3 and nothing works, I mentioned suddenly users are deleted from the system and in the activity log I cannot see any deleting or action on the users…

So very strange

Please send an email to and we’ll look into it.

This is very urgent as at them moment I am unable to do anything in the system

What info do you need?

If may be helpful if you can share any details about the error from the browser console.