Error on updates

hi all time when i make a update i get this error

FormatException: Unexpected character (at character 1)

After 1 minuto or 2 the new version is installed but all the times i have this error

this lass update i have this
FormatException: SyntaxError: Unexpected token '<', "<!DOCTYPE "... is not valid JSON


Same thing here. The updates seem to work fine but it always comes up with that same error since a couple of weeks ago. I’ve got 768M of PHP Memory and nothing showing up in the logs about it so not sure what’s causing it.


@david any thoughts?

From the error above it looks like the server is returning a HTML response rather than a json response.

There may be more information in the logs as to the exact issue.

Sorry david but i cant see nothing in logs.

@hillel @david
i fond this in apache logs

[Tue Aug 23 16:10:14.456856 2022] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 216829] (70007)The timeout specified has expired: [client] AH01075: Error dispatching request to : (polling), referer:

i change my real host to XXXXXX, i dont like hacks :slight_smile:


SOLVED…some research and…
i use ArchLinux and php-fpm. And for some reason max_execution_time in php.ini it seems nor work.
So, in
ProxyTimeout 360

Work fine now


Glad to hear it, thanks for sharing the solution!