Error in the notification of sent mail

It’s any change that can i make?

The character of the “e” always appears at the end of each client’s name.

It’s just something aesthetic.


Are you using a custom email template?


It could be a problem with the translation then.

Exactly !!


line 253 : 'notification_invoice_sent' => 'La Factura :invoice por importe de :amount fue enviada al cliente :client.',

Thanks, I’ll make sure it’s corrected.

@Hilel: how do we correct wrong translations in the transiflex project? Simply edit and supply a new translation? Is there a review process?

“ID number” was being translated to German with “ID Nummer” which is wrong so I supplied the correct term “Kundennummer” on the transiflex project page for invoiceninja (see here for details: - I assume that is all I need to do?

Thanks for the fix!

We update the code with the translations with each major release, we leave it to the community to agree on the best translations to use.