Error failed with An email must have a "From" or a "Sender"

[2023-05-02 09:07:11] production.INFO: Using mailer => log
[2023-05-02 09:07:11] production.INFO: error failed with An email must have a “From” or a “Sender” header.

I used the correct settings but still won’t work. Removed the MAIL_Password
MAIL_FROM_NAME=“Info Servitweb”

but why is the error saying using mailer ==> Log while I set smtp in the env. file


Which version of the app are you using?


can not use higher because get error about a missing PHP item

It may help to load /update?secret= if you’ve changed the .env file to update the cache

Which PHP item is missing?

Indeed after update?secret= it works again.

  • Required PHP extension not found : gmp when I want to upgrade to 5.5.106

Glad to hear it!

Is the GMP extension enabled? You can use a phpinfo file to check.

Will ask my hostcompany to add this extension