Error 500 when trying to save general settings via web

since the last update I get an Error 500 when trying to save general settings. E.g. I try to save a different email sending time.
There is nothing in the logs as well as in the console.
I did clear the cache with artisan optimize but nothing worked.

in the IOS app saving the email sending time setting works.
Version is v5.3.57-C76 on PHP8

Unfortunatly I can’t test it on safari because I can’t log in, but that bug is already known…

Regards Alex


A 500 should usually log details somewhere, have you checked both the web server error logs and the app logs in storage/logs?

thanks for your fast answer, I did check both but nothing showed up.
I tried it again on the next day and it started to work again.
Maybe the saving via IOS App did something to the system…
Right now I can’t reproduce the error - so hopefully it’s gone :wink: