Error 500 on uploaded logo


I’m self-hosting the v5.7.63 on my Synology NAS DSM7 with php 8.1 and Apache 2.4 and pretty much everything’s working as expected

The only problem I have is that every time I upload a logo in the settings, it doesn’t show up on the GUI, invoices nor the emails sent to my clients

When I visit the direct link, the server respond with an Error 500 message

I looked online in the forums, Google and Redit, nothing mentioned worked

I set LOCAL_DOWNLOAD=true in the .env settings

I’m using Cloudflare that was in Development mode when doing the tests

My Webserver is set to have invoiceninja/public as the root

Here’s the most recent logs :

Is there something to do to show the logo properly?

Thanks in advance!


Is the error in the logs generated when trying to upload the logo?

I see no mention to jpeg, jpg or png in the logs. Nor the word « logo »

I suggest clearing the log file, triggering the error and then checking again.

Thanks Hillel!

I archived the laravel.log file, made a new one with the same permissions and did a php artisan optimize

Deleted the old logo with a 500 error and uploaded the new one. Nothing shows in the logs, even if I tested with a JPG and a PNG file

Any ideas?

Are there any errors in the web server error logs?

Checked in a few log files and can’t find any error :dizzy_face:

Without any error details it will be hard to help.

I understand totally!
I did some tests on the .htaccess files and figured out that the one in public/storage/ was causing the issue

<Files *.php>
Order deny,Allow
Deny from all

Is there a reason why it’s content causes 500 errors?
Can I adapt the code or the server for that not to happen?

I had identical scenario to you, was trying to run invoiceninja (and other laravel web apps) on Synology NAS using web station. web station is very poor and not customizable so was constantly encountering these seemingly random 500 errors which were always due to synology permissions or it just not liking some htaccess files. In web station you can change the web service profile to use nginx instead of apache. Ex:

For me that didn’t work stable for a long time plus it was not easy to update using webstation since you have to hack with the synology cli as root to run any php commands so it was just not sustainable. Still wanted to host it on synology, so just used the docker container version using the synology container station and it worked without any of these issues. Docker container version on synology was 100% stable, could easily run commands, and updates (because docker provides the ‘ideal environment’ that invoiceninja/laravel/php/web server expects).

Hum, thanks @icedroit
Now I’m having issues with email not being sent from Invoice Ninja setup. Was working as intended a few days ago :melting_face:
Will look into the Docker option hearing about your experience

Try changing queue connection to sync in the .env file (then run php artisan optimize)