Error 500 Error Time Out

Hi Good Day, im facing this error when migrating from V4 - 4.5.45 to V5 - 5.3.16. Please take note, im using a shared Cpanel Hosting with Litespeed.

But it seems it always stop (Error 500 Server Time Out) as per attached.

I have tweak my php limit for a few times but it seems it kept failing. phpinfo can be found at this url

I wonder if theres anything more that i need to change?

In laravel log in v4, the end of the log it shows this;
[2021-09-25 10:59:38] production.INFO: get documents => 7 [] []
and sometimes it ended up with error 500 with the same word as per attached picure earlier.

In laravel log in v5, the end of the log most of the times shows it stuck here;
[2021-09-25 11:01:04] production.INFO: Importing quotes

Which highly suggest that it maybe because of my server timeout limit. So i wonder, how to fix this or which setting i can tweak or i need to asked assistance from my hosting provider?


It may help to increase the server timeout.

@david do you have any other ideas?

the gateway timeout only indicates the web server wasn’t able to hold the connection open long enough for the backend to complete. We use set_time_limit(0) so the script itself should run indefinitely until it completes.

What it looks like is that there could be an error in the v5 side, you’ll want to inspect the logs storage/logs/laravel.log to see if there is another error being reported.