Error 404: Logo is not displayed in the customer portal

On the login page (/client/login) the logo is displayed but not after login (/client/invoices):


Apparently different image files are used of which the one in the dashboard is not present:




It may help to try re-uploading the logo.

@david any thoughts?

re-uploading was not helpfull:

The following commands were also unsuccessful:

php artisan optimize
php artisan cache:clear

Only the logo on the login screen has received a new name, the logo after login has exactly the same name as before:


If you are seeing a different logo reference, I would guess that you may have uploaded another company logo in either a group setting or client setting.

The problem was due to the deactivated company, which is no longer used. There was no logo there. After I uploaded the logo in the deactivated company, it is now also displayed in the dashboard for the customer, although it is a customer of the active company.

So the question is, why are settings of the wrong company used and how can I fix this?