English (Ireland) translation in Transifex

Hey @hillel @david,

Hoping to change a few minor things in the address field namings to match what is used in Ireland (i.e. state >county, postcode>eircode etc)

Requested English (Ireland) on transifex a few days back, can’t seem to join otherwise, not sure if I need to submit anything else.
Any specific rules etc that need to be followed besides the obvious?
It’ll most likely be less than 10 words that need changing for en_ie so not sure if you want to add it just for that.


You can set custom translations on Settings > Localisation

These are for admin-portal, not customer portal/invoice templates etc.

Understood, this may be easier with the React app than the Flutter app

Would that survive upgrades though? Would you consider enabling English (Ireland) on transifex? I can add the required changes to be in line with what’s in use here in mainstream apps for address fields etc.
Not looking for immediate changes I know the translation files are only merged every once in a while. Just looking to have it more in line with what’s used here in the long run.

Although the Flutter app doesn’t support showing custom translations in the app it’s possible this could be supported in the React app.

I don’t mind enabling it on Transifex however I think we’d be reluctant to include it in the app (which makes having it on Transifex not so useful).

Any reason for that? I thought that’s the whole idea for enabling localisation via transifex.
Not trying to be difficult just trying to understand what the best route would be.

The Flutter app currently includes every language in the app bundle. On desktop/mobile a few more bytes isn’t a big deal however for the web app keeping the bundle small matters more. Since only a few of the translations are different including the full language seems wasteful.

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Understood :+1: not a deal breaker, just more of a qol.