endless reminders

If I turn on endless reminders for every 30 days and I have customers with invoices that have been unpaid for many months will they all the sudden get months worth of reminder emails all at once or just one email and then another after 30 days?

Just one email and then another after 30 days

Hi All. sry to bother.
I am importing all my one-time invoices from another system.
I am interested in the behavior of the reminders and endless reminders.
It seems reminders will not go out automatically unless we manually send the invoice at least once first?
Am I wrong, how do we get the system to start sending the “imported” invoices?
I did a test upload of multiple invoices and none of them have been going out automatically.
I sent one of them manually with the hope of getting the other endless reminders to trigger automatically. No luck.
That is how I reached the conclusion that each individual uploaded invoice must be sent manually?
Any ideas?

I am updating my post.
It seems you DO NOT need to manually send the invoices after upload. It began sending reminders automatically.

In regards to arnoca’s question. I think it is very important. Hillel’s answer doesn’t seem convincing. In my case, I uploaded MANY past-due invoices for the same client.

It seems the last sent date would be the upload date?? If so, then the system would send a ton of emails to the same client if the client has many past due invoices that were uploaded at the same time.

So unless we have a “grouping” feature, or a “send statement when multiple invoices are due” feature, I would have to manually send reminders during the month to spread out the time the client receives the emails, so they don’t get flooded by too many emails at once.
Am I missing something?

To clarify… the app will send one reminder per invoice, not per client.