Endless reminder question

Hey InvoiceNinja team
These are my reminder settings:

  • Reminder 1: 7 days after due date
  • Reminder 2: 14 days after due date
  • Reminder 3: 21 days after due date
  • Endless reminders: weekly

Please see the screenshot below:
Due date is set to 14 days. The system scheduled the next send date on 18.04.2022. Why’s there a week break between reminder 3 and the first endless reminder?

@david any thoughts?

There are issues with the endless reminders at the at the moment. Still looking into this

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Oh okay, thanks! I thought that I made a mistake :slight_smile:

Hi @david
Can you please explain the endless reminders issues?
The “Next Send Date” has been updated from 18.04.2022 to 25.04.2022:

But the reminder has not been sent:

I understand that it’s not easy to build such a great and mighty app as InvoiceNinja, but as I rely on reminders to get my invoices paid, I’d love to get some proactive communication from your side. That would be great!
Thanks a lot!


So was the first endless reminder meant to fire on the 18th but didn’t? And then the schedule also updated for the next endless reminder to send on the 25th?


I see the issue, I have checked in a fix and will tag v5.3.81 shortly.

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yes, that’s exactly what happened.
Thanks, I will install v5.3.81 as soon as it’s available :slight_smile:

In the meantime I’m using v5.3.82.
My first endless reminder has just been sent, but now IN doesn’t work anymore. I only get this message when opening the App via Browser:
I can’t see anything in the log file:
[2022-04-23 06:00:35] production.INFO: Performing Autobilling 2022-04-23 06:00:35
[2022-04-24 00:00:41] production.INFO: updating currencies
[2022-04-24 06:00:36] production.INFO: Performing Autobilling 2022-04-24 06:00:36
[2022-04-25 00:00:44] production.INFO: updating currencies
[2022-04-25 06:00:38] production.INFO: Performing Autobilling 2022-04-25 06:00:38

That seems to be very weird as IN was definitely working before the auto endless reminder.

This indicates that you are not hitting the index.PHP file at all. Something had happened to the paths of your webserver configuration

You are right, it works when adding /index.php.
Something’s very odd here.
Thank you!