Enable eCheck.net for Authorize.net AIM [Self Host]

I am using Authorize.net as the payment gateway on my self hosted InvoiceNinja. I do not see an option to enable eCheck.net in that gateway. I reached out to Authorize.net to make sure that AIM supports both, and they confirmed that the same API supports both cards and eChecks.

“for the eCheck option with InvoiceNinja, our AIM service will support eCheck, but you can check with InvoiceNinja to verify that they give eCheck as an option on their invoices.”

Is there some thing that I am missing, or is it not implemented yet?

Also, once I created the authorize.net gateway, I cannot setup any other gateway (limited options in dropdown) that supports eChecks, which I am guessing is to limit only 1 gateway per type. So it seems, currently, I cannot accept eChecks?

This is the driver we use for Authorize.net, I’m not sure if it supports eCheck.


Correct, we only support having one credit card gateway enabled at a time. We support ACH/bank transfers with WePay and Stripe.

I would second this!!! Would be fantastic if this gateway supported eCheck