Embedding docs, images, etc

Super happy multi-year user of invoiceninja.com. I am in Shanghai China on Ubuntu 18.04 with the latest phantomjs 2.1.1, latest Google Chrome and VPN which is a requirement to reach world class apps. Oddly on FFOX, the settings section only shows the template design, not all the available settings which it did in the past.

I have the option clicked to embed documents into quotations/invoices but I do not see a button within the actual invoice to upload the attachment. Nor do I see an isolated “documents” tab. Lastly, I wonder where exactly the image will be displayed as I would like it on page 2 in the large white space before the footer.

Ultimately I want to include 2 QR codes on every invoice for direct payments to our payment vendors. Right now, since we are a China registered company, we can’t use Stripe and this serves our needs best.

Keep up the amazing work.


Uploading documents requires the enterprise plan.

It’s possible to embed the QR code on the PDF:


Thank you Hillel. Once again, you show extraordinary speed and attention to customer service. I appreciate it.