Emails to our customers show "Invoice Ninja" as the sender

I noticed that emails that are sent from the application come from 2 different addresses: and

The ones sent from are showing “Invoice Ninja” as the sender, not the name of my company like the ones from (The reply-to header is correct though…)

This is confusing to our existing customers.


Thanks for reporting this!

cc @david


Sending to microsoft mailservers has required us to change the way mail is delivered. This is one of the changes that we’ve needed to implement, to ensure that mail is delivered to those particular users.

I see, so it is not random and has to do with the email of the customer right?

Looks like there is no way around it then…

Can you not provide us with an email SMTP portal in Email Settings, where we could configure the dispatches from our own domain’s server?

I agree with the OP, apart from being confusing and frustrating, it doesn’t look professional.

We’re working on adding this feature in an upcoming release.