Emails not being sent/received on self-hosted, but test email works

I’ve just installed Invoice Ninja on my webserver and am getting everything set-up. I’ve configured my email settings under Settings > System Settings to send mail via SMTP and have entered by mail server credentials. Clicking the ‘Send test email’ on that page works perfectly and I immediately receive the test email in my inbox, but no other emails seem to be getting through.

For example, I’m setting up a few users and sending them invitations to create accounts but none of those are arriving.

Any ideas?

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It could be a bug, a few other users have reported the same problem. I haven’t been able to reproduce it though.

You may want to test with a different email provider to see if it helps.

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Hi Hillel. Thanks for the quick response. Let me know if there’s any logs or anything I could send you to help track the bug down or reproduce it.

My email provider is G Suite/Google for Business, if that helps. Pretty sure everything’s correctly set-up on that end because I also have a Wordpress install configured to send mail the same way and that’s working.

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Are you able to email invoices through the app?

It may help to run sudo php artisan config:clear

Just tested and yes, invoice emails do get sent and received no problem. Also tried clearing the laravel config cache but that hasn’t helped.

The same problem for me, using Google SMTP and self-hosted version.
Test e-mail works, Invitation, and password reset e-mails not.
Any log to checkup where is the fault?


Can you confirm the email credentials are correct in the .env file

Hi, I have the same problem (invitation send but not received ) there any solution for this issue ???


Please confirm the email credentials are correct in the .env file

Hi, the email credential are correct because the test of connection on the setting made successfully and I received an email of invoices.

But when I create a new user the invitation send successfully but i did not received it

There is a bug with the UI, as a first step please confirm they are correct in the .env file itself

I’m getting this issue… test email sent on install was fine and received. Setting up invoices and then sending on to client in email fail as well as other services. Nothing in logs or in debug mode… stuck here!

For anyone else experiencing this issue I managed to resolve by editing the .env to send from smtp as per the default mail.php file. Although, setting up allows for emails to be sent configured to mail on install worked fine this does need updating post install. You must also clear relevant caches - php artisan cache:clear & php artisan config:cache. Thanks!

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