Emails go to spam - mail-tester 10/10

I am scoring a perfect 10/10 for mail-tester and mail genius. I have all my DNS records configured correctly such as DKIM, SPF etc.

Emails sent directly from the email I use for invoice ninja do not go to spam.

However it seems that emails sent via Invoice Ninja frequently end up in spam. This was the case for a Gmail user yesterday again.

Any ideas why and what I can do to prevent this? Do some changes need to be made to invoice ninja templates in order to lessen the potential pickup as spam?

I am using the standard templates.


What mail are you sending mail-tester? One from Invoice Ninja or directly? You might need to update your SPF record and add the IP address of your Invoice Ninja Server.


I’m sending to mail tester directly, not via Invoice ninja.

Perhaps I should try sending mail-tester a test via Invoice ninja to see what the result is.

My mail server is on the same server as my invoice ninja install. All self hosted, virtualmin/webmin. Dovecot+postfix. Therfore an SPF record already exists pointing towards the server where invoice ninja is.

Just did a test to mail tester via Invoice ninja.

10/10 still.

Hmm weird. I haven’t heard from any of my customers that our mails are marked as spam.

I will see what I get when using mail-tester. But since 10 out of 10 can’t get better, I have no clue what you could do to improve.

Maybe someone else has an idea?


It may help to use a custom email template.

@david do you have any thoughts?


Email delivery is a black box and there is no single rule to guarantee delivery unfortunately, one thing that the mail tester may not be testing for is domain reputation.

Image Source and Link Domains
Note that anytime you include a domain within your message’s image sources or links, your message will take on the sending reputation of that domain as well.

So if Gmail has had some deliverability issues with that domain before, that carries over into your messages as well. The same goes with the domains of your link URLs as well. So whenever possible, you’ll want to host your images on the same domain as the FROM domain.

Note that each sub-domain and other domain will have its own sending reputation that can impact deliverability.

A good way to test if this is the issue is to remove the logo image and any unneeded links, like those in the footer of your messages, and see if that improves deliverability. If so, then it’s a good chance that one of those domains / sub-domains was the culprit.

I’ll give the logo and whatnot a test and report back. Cheers!