Emails Don't Send - No Errors

I recently installed InvoiceNinja through the Softaculous install method.
When trying to send invoice via email - it will take a suspiciously long time, however it will appear sent in invoice history.

Occasionally Error 524: will appear

I’ve configured my .env with the correct email settings to no prevail.

Anyone else run into this issue or have any suggestions for how to fix?

The 524 Error appears to be caused by CloudFlare proxying the A records of our email - I have fixed this and it removes the 524 error and long load time however the emails still do not send.

Can also confirm that emails are not sending. email receives no emails


Are there any errors in storage/logs/ or in the system log on the dashboard?

No - however our issue appears to not be an issue with InvoiceNinja

We have google workspace emails so there must’ve been some sort of auth issue when trying to go back to our cpanel email for Invoice Ninja. Even though we are capable of sending emails with the standard CPanel emails - invoice ninja is unable to do so because our MX records are pointing to google.

I’m assuming that IN just has no way of knowing the issue

I went ahead and just configured it as google with an app specific password on a different email and got it working.