Emailing with your own domain name

Is it possible to set the outgoing emails like PO, invoices to show your own domain name?


You can select the email provider on Settings > Email Settings.

Using Postmark or Mailgun would enable you to use your own domain, we’re also looking into supporting SMTP credentials.

SMTP2Go would be nice.

ok, we have microsoft 365 and ur own domain name so Postmark or Mailgun are services like mailchimp?

Do I need an account with them to set that up?

I simply want to show invoices@ as for the moment lots of my customers find the invoice in the spam as it has been send from an unknown domain.


Postmark and Mailgun support sending transaction emails, an app like Mailchimp would also use a provider like them.

If you connect your user to the Microsoft account on Settings > User Defaults I believe you’ll be able to select it on Settings > Email Settings.