Emailing to multiple contacts


When an invoice, quote or payment email is sent it is only being sent to the primary contact.

How can I get it to email to all contacts?

Furthermore on recurring invoices will they get emailed to primary contact or to all contacts?

Are invoices are sent to the contacts who are checked on the invoice.

Thank you.

I did not realise.

For the sake of other users.

I created the invoice prior to adding a new contact so by default only the first contact was checked.
I had to open the invoice check all contacts including newly added and then save the invoice again.

Once done I emailed it and it went through to all recipients.

Great system.

Thanks, glad to hear it’s working!

Ah… Here is an additional problem.

When using the invoice ninja app there is no tick box to select contacts.

In this case I believe email goes to the first contact only.?

The mobile app will send invoices to the contacts which were checked in the last invoice sent to the client.

While this appears to be true for “invoices” it does not appear to be entirely accurate for “payments” as far as I can tell. The 1st contact in the list of contacts for a client is always sent the “payment” receipt even if a different contact is actually checked; at least, that’s who I see in the “To:” field of the copy of the email I have sent to myself.

This is a limitation in the current version of the app

Ok, thanks for letting us know!


I hope it’s ok to reopen this ticket, but I’ve got IMHO a matching followup question.

What happens with customers that have multiple contacts, when I’m generating invoices via API? Are they also sent to the same contacts as the last invoice sent?
And what happens if the API invoice is the first invoice to that customer?

As far as I can see, there’s no way to select the invoice recipients within the customer configuration, but only within the invoice configuration, so I don’t have a clue what the API is doing when POSTing to /api/v1/invoices …


Correct, the API will by default send to the last sent contacts. The contacts each have a send_email field which is used to determine if the contact should be included with the invoice.

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Thanks, but that answers the question partially only :slight_smile:
“the API will by default send to the last sent contacts” is good, but what happens, when I create an invoice via API for a newly created customer which hasn’t got any invoice before?
And why is there no option to enable/disable that field under /clients/{id}/edit ?

By the way… I just looked into the “contacts” sql structure - the field is called “send_invoice” :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking, it looks like this field’s name has changed between v4 and v5.

I believe send_invoice default to true for new contacts so all contacts would be emailed. You should be able to update the field but it may not be in the API docs.

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