Email themes and hosting


I’ve changed the email theme which includes my logo by default I assume? But it’s constrained.

What options are there, if any, to fix this? Or do I have to use the custom code in email setings > raw - or remove the logo? Not ideal.

Also, the plain and dark themes show “view now” button only and not the “pay now” button? How would I fix that?

Are these options restricted in the app and not in the self hosted, ie. are there any difference between the two?

Many thanks. Alan
( not self hosted)

You’d need to use a logo with different dimensions.

You can add a pay now button to the email template, if you click the blue question mark to the right of the subject field you can see all the variables.

The hosted and self host versions are the same.

Hi, what is the recommended size / proportions for the logo on the email template?
I’ve noticed that my logo in emails is being squashed. This is happening after resizing the logo.

Is there a template file that needs editing?

The app just tries to fit whatever size is given, if it’s squashed you’ll need to make the image narrower.

Hi Hillel

The logo if it’s resized narrower to stay in scale and fit in the email, is so small.

There seems to be only one place to upload a logo in settings.

The logo then looks so small and pixelated on the pdf invoice and quotes.

The problem is most likely related the aspect ratio of the image.

It’s possible (although somewhat tricky) to use a different image on the invoice by using a custom design, you can refer to the ‘Photo’ design for an example.

Hi okay I will try a 1.5 ratio for the logo. e.g. 1200 x 800 px.