Email Templates - Localization

Is there an option to have a localized email templates for example:

If client is from Germany he should get email in German language and so on?

What I mean is for custom text that we can add to the email template. Bank transfer data for an example.

I know subjects, footers are translated in texts.php

Thank you

Same for email subject.

I see the texts.php entry
‘invoice_subject’ => ‘New invoice :invoice from :account’,

but don’t know exactly how to trigger it. It seems the entry from GUI overwrites it. The question is what to enter in GUI Subject to trigger line from


Thank you


If you reset the email templates to their defaults it should load the values from the texts.php files.

Thatn you Hillel.

Yes I noticed that, but I need to modify the template and add few things. That, I assume, will overwrite it. Is there any workaround?

Thank you

One option is to create separate companies for each of the languages.

Thank you.

One idea could be to have a custom_texts.php with custom teksts.

Example: 'email_subject_invoice' => 'New invoice $invoice from $account', 'view_invoice' => 'To view your invoice for $amount , click the button below.',

that we could trigger from anywhere within the gui.

Example for default template:

$client, %view_invoice $viewButton $footer

That would work for all languages.

Thank you

Hi Hillel.

How about to use an email templates inside language folders for multi language users?

I’m guessing that would make sense.

If exist use this, if not use GUI version?


Just an idea


This solution would not work for hosted users.

One workaround is to create separate companies for each language you invoice in.