Email templates have lost all HTML formatting

According to the documentation at, I should be able to use HTML to customize email templates:

The email message body accepts basic HTML formatting for additional customization

Until recently, this was working very well, and we’ve extensively customized some of our email templates. However, one of the recent updates (unsure which) seems to have changed this entirely to use only some sort of Markdown-esque formatting, which has essentially destroyed all of our existing templates.

When trying to fix it, the template editor seems to allow adding HTML to the Markdown (as it should, HTML is supposed to be allowed in Markdown) but upon clicking Save all the HTML is converted to plain Markdown which loses any classes or other tags that we’ve added.

Is there any way to enable HTML templating again, or alternatively to allow HTML to be included in the Markdown templates?


You can disable the email markdown feature on Settings > Account Management.

Thank you, that seems to resolve the problem.

I’m noticing that the preview tab under Settings > Templates & Reminders doesn’t seem to function anymore when the markdown feature is turned off. Shall I report that separately, or are HTML templates essentially deprecated and probably a wont-fix?

Thanks for letting us know, we’ll look into it (it should still work).

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