Email template customization - missing some features?


The email templates customization seems to be missing some features, and seems very bare.
On the documentation it says there should be a formatting toolbar, and also a Raw option, but those options are not available on our platform.

  • Toolbar: Immediately below the body text box, there is a bar featuring all the formatting tools you need to customize your invoice email, including font style, font size, bold/italics/underline, strikethrough, font color, background color, numbering, bulleting, alignment and hyperlinks.
  • Raw: You can customize your invoice/quote/payment emails via raw HTML. Click the gray Raw button at the bottom right of the section. A window will open. Enter your HTML code. When you’re done, click Update.


Those are the v4 docs.

You can enable a WYSIWYG email editor on Settings > Account Management.